Can you Throne Room a feast?

If you use Throne Room on Feast, you will gain two cards, even though you can only trash Feast once. Gaining the card isn’t contingent on trashing Feast; they’re just two things that the card tries to make you do.

Can you Throne Room a treasure map?

There IS NO “virtual” Treasure Map. You just made that up. Throne room does not create cards out of pixie dust. It causes a single card to be played, then played again.

How do you use the Chancellor in Dominion?

It allows you to discard your deck, speeding up your reshuffles, but it is rarely an effective addition to your deck and was removed from the second edition of Dominion.

Illustrator(s) Matthias Catrein
Card text
+ You may immediately put your deck into your discard pile.

What happens if you Throne Room a throne room?

If you Throne Room a Throne Room, you may play an Action card twice, then may play another Action card twice; you do not play one Action card four times.

What is a throne room called?

A throne room or throne hall is the room, often rather a hall, in the official residence of the crown, either a palace or a fortified castle, where the throne of a senior figure (usually a monarch) is set up with elaborate pomp—usually raised, often with steps, and under a canopy, both of which are part of the original

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Can you Throne Room a duration card?

The Throne Room stays in play to remind you that you are getting the effect of Merchant Ship twice on that next turn. Because you must discard at least one card in order to gain the bonuses from Tactician, it is not possible to Throne Room a Tactician to get + 10 cards, +2 Buys, and + 2 Actions.

Can you double throne room?

The double throne room means you play throne room twice. In other words, it’s like playing two throne rooms. Then, you play another action card from your hand twice. At this point, you ‘ll have played two throne rooms and two other action cards (and each of the other action cards was played twice).

How do you get to the throne room?

You need to bring the severed heads of at least ten characters, and spike them in front of where their faces are in the Warrior Shrine. This will open the door to Shang Tsung’s Throne Room. While that may sound simple, it takes a lot of time to get one severe head.

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