How do you filter items in FTB?

The Item Filter is an upgrade item added by the Extra Utilities mod. Added to a Transfer Node it will filter up to nine types of items. To configure the Filter, ‘Right-click’ with it in hand to bring up an inventory interface and place the items to filter. A “ghost” image of the item is stored in the Filter.

How do I filter items in extra utilities?

Filters can be nested so that players are not confined to 16 items (to nest filters, add criteria to a filter then place that filter inside another filter —the second filter will now filter items from both filters ). To use a filter, place it into a Transfer Node ( Items ) or a Trash Can.

How do I delete items in FTB?

If you’re in creative mode you can drag items into NEI’s item pane to delete them or shift-click on the trash button to delete all items from the inventory.

How do you use transfer filters?

It is used by placing it on any given inventory and inserting an item to be whitelisted. The Filter can allow a single item, a single stack, or unlimited items to pass through it depending on the configuration set in its GUI. Unlimited is selected by default. This article is a stub.

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Transfer Filter
Type Tile entity


How do I make my transfer node faster?

The Mining Upgrade, Speed Upgrade and Stack Upgrade can also be added to the Transfer Node (Items) to increase its capacities. Allows the Transfer Node to mine Cobblestone. Increases the Transfer Node’s speed.

How do you use Enderio item filters?

Put items inside a chest, right click with the item filter on the chest, now that item filter has all items that were inside the chest as whitelisted/blacklisted items.

How do you use item filters Mod?

If you want to use it in quests, cheat in any filter (or you can use existing one and sneak-right-click to change type) and right-click to edit it. Then in item task, select item from your inventory. Icon will be created automatically as scrolling list of valid items, but you have to change task title yourself.

How do you use a void chest in Minecraft?

The Void Chest is a machine that is used to permanently delete items. This machine has a 27 slot buffer, though the items put in it instantly vanish. Items can be automatically put into the chest using the various forms of item transportation.

Void Chest
Required modules Transport


Can a hopper drop items into lava?

The hopper pulls any items you put into the chest and puts them into the dropper, which ejects the items into a pool of lava in front of it when you throw the switch.

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