Do you pay for trash pickup in Nashville?

Currently, property taxes cover trash collection if for homeowners in the city’s more urban areas. Those living outside that area must hire a private company to cover trash pickup.

Where can I take large trash in Nashville?

Larger amounts can be taken to Metro’s contractor, Living Earth: East Side: 1511 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210. West Side: 6401 Centennial Blvd., Nashville, TN 37209 (entrance by West Nashville Wrecker Service)

How do I get a bigger trash can from waste management?

If you decide you need a different trash cart size(s) or additional carts, contact customer service by calling (530) 893-4777 to discuss your options and rates.

What is hub Nashville?

hubNashville is a comprehensive customer service system, that makes it easier for people to connect with Metro representatives in order to make service requests, ask questions, and share feedback.

Where does Nashville trash?

On a rotating schedule all throughout Davidson County, every home and business gets its trash picked up every week. Once a truck is full, it goes to Republic Services’ transfer facility off Lebanon Road near Fesslers Lane, and from there, it heads to a landfill.

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What can you recycle in Nashville?

If you want to be sure you are recycling properly, stick to acceptable basics like aluminum and steel cans, food and beverage cartons, mixed paper, newspaper, magazines and flattened cardboard. With plastics, the rule is “no plastic of any kind unless it is a bottle, jar or jug.”

Where can I dump my brush in Nashville?

Davidson County residents can take small amounts of brush and yard waste (no more than a level pickup truck load) to the Ezell Pike Convenience Center. Larger amounts can be taken to Metro’s contractor, Living Earth (see addresses and contact information below).

Where can I dump furniture in Nashville?

Center Locations

  • East Center. 943A Doctor Richard G. Adams Drive. Nashville, TN 37207.
  • Ezell Pike Center. 3254 Ezell Pike. Nashville, TN 37211.
  • Omohundro Center. 1019 Omohundro Place. Nashville, TN 37210.
  • Anderson Lane Center. 939A Anderson Lane. Madison, TN 37115.

Where can I dump a mattress in Nashville?

Nashville, Tennessee Furniture Disposal To schedule a bulk collection, call 615-880-3897 or fill out the form found at the city of Nashville’s website. Place your bulk items like furniture, mattresses, and box springs on the front curb on the day of scheduled collection.

How do I change the size of my trash?

Click “ Recycle Bin properties”, in the “ Recycle Bin Tools” tab. In the Recycle Bin Properties window, you can configure the amount of space that is allocated to the Recycle Bin per hard drive.

Does Waste Management Bill quarterly?

Understanding Billing Waste Management bills quarterly for their services, and depending on the size of your container, you are billed between $70-95/ quarter.

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How do I get rid of extra trash?

The first option is to take your trash to your local dump or recycling center. However, taking your trash there yourself means sorting it, loading and unloading it, and taking time out of your day. Save yourself the stress and let 1-800-GOT- JUNK? take your trash for you.

What is the Nashville airport called?

The airport code is BNA, which stands for Berry Field Nashville in honor of Col. Harry S. Berry, administrator of the original airport project in the 1930s. The Nashville International Airport is located at One Terminal Drive, Nashville, TN 37214 – 8 miles east of downtown Nashville.

How do I report a pothole in Nashville?

Pothole Repair To report a pothole for repair, you can fill out a Maintenance Request form, contact the appropriate Region Office or email [email protected] Be sure to note the exact location including the route, mile marker, and any nearby cross streets or interchanges.

Does Nashville have 311?

Dial 311 in Metro Nashville to get answers to life’s annoying problems.

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