Are trash packs still available?

Ending, retirement and revival. In late 2014, the last series of the Trash Pack, which was Series 7 (a.k.a. Junk Germs), was released. An 8th series did not come out in 2015, which confused many fans.

What are the rarest trash packs?

The rarest limited editions are Grimy Gold, Squish Bone, Poop Plop, Scrambled Rat, and Captain Contagious from Trash pack; Grimy Gold and Squish Bone from the trading card collections; and Stinkin’ Soda and Ghost Trash turtle from Trash Wheels. All of these have 250 units that were numbered.

How do I get a limited edition trash pack?

There can only be one limited edition in a pack. In a 12 Pack the limited edition is always in the bottom row of the bins.

Who invented trash pack?

Moose Toys, the Australian toy company that was behind the Mighty Beanz craze several years ago, invented the Trash Pack and has sold more than 15 million “trashies” worldwide since the product hit the shelves in September.

When did Shopkins release?

Shopkins was launched in 2014 These popular collectible toys launched in 2014.

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