How do you beat the trash can in Earthworm Jim?

Billy the Bin can normally only be harmed with the Mega Plasma, although it can be harmed by the ordinary Plasma Blaster when its “mouth” is open and exposed to fire out projectiles, or when it is dancing.

How many levels are in Earthworm Jim?

Earthworm Jim takes place over 7 main levels, plus 7 bonus segments between levels, a boss you can avoid if you’re good enough and a hidden bonus level halfway through the game.

What happened to Earthworm Jim?

In 2018 Earthworm Jim HD was removed from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. In 2019, a new game was announced as an exclusive release for the Intellivision Amico that will be developed by the original team from the 1990s, the game is set to be released as a launch title for the Amico in 2021.

Is Earthworm Jim Hard?

Earthworm Jim first released on the Sega Genesis today in 1994. Earthworm Jim’s level design is a hostile jumble of platforms, spongy bosses, and unintuitive progression paths. The game is extremely vertical, asking players to weave strange movements throughout levels that are often hard to visualize.

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Is Earthworm Jim bad?

Evil Jim is an evil copy of Earthworm Jim. He was created by a horrible toxic waste/photocopier accident, and claims to be Jim’s exact opposite in every way.

Which version of Earthworm Jim is the best?

Often considered the best version. The Windows 95 version is also argued by many to be the best version. It’s a port of the Sega CD version, but with slightly improved graphics (more colors, less dithering).

Why was Earthworm Jim HD removed?

Earthworm Jim HD was delisted on Xbox 360 in February of 2018 according to reporting by The delisting is likely due to expired licensing between HD’s publisher Gameloft, and the Earthworm Jim rightsholder, Interplay.

Is Earthworm Jim a cow?

In the universe of Earthworm Jim, cows are found on many different planets, and some breeds of cows are semi-sentient. Earthworm Jim has saved them many times, and the cows revere him as a god, “Brahman Brahma”, since Jim can never say no to a bovine in need.

What console is Earthworm Jim?

It was well received by critics, and received a sequel, Earthworm Jim 2, in 1995. Earthworm Jim (video game)

Earthworm Jim
Platform(s) Sega Genesis, Super NES, Sega CD, Game Boy, Game Gear, Windows 95, MS-DOS, Sega Master System, Game Boy Advance


Is Earthworm Jim on ps4?

The game was removed from the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Windows Phone stores in February 2018.

Will there be another Earthworm Jim game?

Earthworm Jim 4 is a video game in the Earthworm Jim series.

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Earthworm Jim 4
Release October 10, 2021
Genre(s) Platform shoot ’em up
Mode(s) TBA


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