How do I get a trash can in Baltimore City?

How do I get a trash can or recycling bin? If you move into a new property and you do not have a Municipal Trash Can, please call 311 to request one. Once you complete and send back the form, a trash can will be delivered to your home.

What size are Baltimore city trash cans?

Baltimore City is providing one free 65-gallon trash can to every residential address that currently receives trash collection service by the City. Using these cans will help keep our neighborhoods and waterways clean, reduce the rodent population, reduce strain on our workers and make trash collection more efficient.

Does Baltimore City provide recycling bins?

Do I have to purchase a City bin to recycle? The City’s recycling bins are NOT REQUIRED for you to start recycling! You may use any bin as long as it is clearly marked “ recycle.” You may also use cardboard boxes and/or paper bags.

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Does Baltimore County provide trash cans?

No, Baltimore County does not provide bulk item collection service. Private bulk item collectors can be found in the Greater Baltimore Yellow Pages™ under the “Rubbish & Garbage Removal” section.

Can you paint your city trash can?

In California, paint is prohibited from disposal in landfills and must be recycled or otherwise safely disposed.

Is Baltimore City picking up bulk trash?

Bulk trash collection must be scheduled via 311 and must be scheduled at least 4 business days prior to pickup (not including holidays). The number of pickups scheduled per day is limited to approximately 600. When the limit is reached, collection may be scheduled for any other available date.

Do trash cans have serial numbers?

The serial number of this can is located on a silver stick below the liner pocket and battery compartment. Do you find this helpful? there should be a small white label on the back of the trash can below the compartment where you load the trash bags.

How do I get a new green trash can?

Request a New Container Submit a service request or call the City’s Customer Care Center at (800) 773-2489.

Why do we have recycling bins?

Recycling means producing less trash, which in return will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill. Recycle aluminium cans and plastic jars in your house, rather than sending them to your local landfill. Recycling helps to reduce air pollution.

Can you recycle Styrofoam in Baltimore City?

Recycle your plastics. Baltimore City has single stream recycling that accepts some plastics (see the regulations and find your curbside pickup day HERE). Other plastics, like polystyrene ( Styrofoam ), need to be taken to a special recycling facility in the city.

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What can I put in the yellow recycle bin?

What can I put in my yellow bin? Items such as paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, containers and trays (Polymers 1-7), Plastic plates, cutlery and cups, aluminium cans, steel cans and tins, glass jars and bottles, milk and juice cartons.

What numbers can you recycle in Baltimore?

A. In the current single stream program, residents are now able to recycle more items than ever before, including: narrow-neck plastic bottles and jugs with a number from one to seven in a recycling symbol. wide-mouth plastic containers (such as butter and yogurt containers)

Can plastic fruit containers be recycled?

All plastic containers can be recycled including plastic fruit punnets and takeaway containers. Rigid hard plastic trays can be recycled while soft polystyrene trays cannot, which means many councils say no to both.

Is Baltimore County still recycling?

The Recycling Division is responsible for promoting recycling and waste prevention (reduction and reuse). Baltimore County’s only active landfill, Eastern Sanitary Landfill, is already more than half full. Recycling at Drop-Off Facilities. Reduce and Reuse.

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