How do I get a new trash can in Memphis?

Waivers allowing use of backyard trash cans granted for persons who cannot push carts to curb are available by calling (901) 636-6508. Damaged carts repaired and carts lost during pickup hours replaced without cost; other replacement $50.00 by calling (901) 636-6508.

Who picks up Memphis trash?

City of Memphis terminates contract with Waste Pro, new contractor to begin trash pickup Monday.

Does Memphis pick up recycling?

More from December:COVID-19 cases continued to limit recycling in Memphis. “After 13 weeks of commingling residential collection services, the City of Memphis Solid Waste Management team will resume separate curbside collection for recyclables starting Tuesday, April 6, 2021,” the city announced Thursday on Twitter.

Does the city of Memphis actually recycle?

Recycling. The Memphis Solid Waste department works hard to provide environmentally responsible collection and disposal of trash, yard waste, and recycling. Starting in 2015, we began to offer 96-gallon carts to our solid waste customers.

Where can I dump trash in Memphis?

Public Garbage Dump Site in Memphis, TN

  • Waste Management – Memphis, TN. DumpsGarbage CollectionRecycling Centers.
  • Railroad Avenue Disposal. DumpsGarbage CollectionRecycling Centers.
  • ASAP Site Services.
  • ASAP Site Services.
  • Midsouth Junk Solutions.
  • Ultimate Dumpsters.
  • Resourceful Environmental Services.
  • Walnut Landfill.
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Where can I recycle cardboard in Memphis?

  • City of Memphis Recycling Drop-Off Site – Downtown. Mud Island Dr Memphis, TN 38103. (901) 576-6851.
  • FCR Incorporated. 3197 Farrisview Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38118. (901) 795-6886.
  • Dixie Waste Paper Company. 2747 Jackson Avenue, Memphis, TN 38108. (901) 324-1495.

How do I recycle in Memphis?

You may find that you like recycling and the extra space you’ll have in the green garbage cart. For residents who prefer NOT to use the 96-gallon Recycling Cart, dial 901-636-6500 or 311 to make a request for a cart pick-up.

What can be recycled in Memphis?

The only items allowed in the bins will be paper, broken down cardboard, cartons, glass, plastic containers and alluminum. If garbage is found in the bin, the team will not pick it up. For more information and to download the Memphis Collection Calendar App, click here.

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