How do you unlock items in ActivInspire?

– In the Object Browser, double-click on the white space under the Lock column and change from Unlock to Lock. – To lock all objects on the page, double-click on the Lock Column Heading. To reverse this, simply double-click on it again.

How do I make my ActivInspire toolbar bigger?

Within ActivInspire, go to FILE > SETTINGS. Within the setting window, click the layout tab. You will see a label for “icon size”. Slide the slider to the right to make the toolbar bigger.

How do I unlock flipchart?

How do you unlock the text in a flipchart?

  1. Design Mode ON:
  2. In design mode, you should have the ability to select the text object in question, which will bring up the marquee handles and tools, one of which will be the Object Edit menu from which you can unlock or re-lock the text object.

How do you unlock a Promethean board?

I’ve locked it, how do I unlock it? Go to your ToolBox and click the Main Menu (Upper Left icon – it’s blue and white). Click Tools and scroll down to More Tools. Click it and scroll down to Teacher Lock.

How do I add more colors to ActivInspire?

Click the Colours button beside Main Toolbox to change between 8, 16, and 24 colors. Then click Done. (If you want additional colors on all of your profiles, be sure to change the setting for each here before clicking Done.)

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What is the latest version of ActivInspire?

ActivInspire v2. 21 released 5th January 2021. This version includes Ukrainian support, as well as several bug fixes and enhancements.

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