Where do you put the trash in your car?

Use a shoe organizer to store items by category. Hang it over the back of the passenger or driver’s seat. Use the pockets to store toys, snacks, sunscreen, office supplies, sanitary wipes, garbage bags, or any other necessities.

How do you make a rocket out of a trash can?

All it takes is a two liter pop bottle filled 1/3 full with liquid nitrogen. Screw the bottle top on very tightly and quickly place the bottle in a metal bowl full of hot water. Next, cover with an upside down garbage can and run away like a crazed scientist.

How should I organize my car?

20 Easy DIY Ideas and Tips for a Perfectly Organized Car

  1. Remote Holder Doubles as Storage.
  2. Use a Cheap Beauty Bag for Paperwork.
  3. Learn Where Everything Should Go.
  4. Use Shower Caddies.
  5. Use a Backpack as a Desk.
  6. Keep Your Keys Organized.
  7. Keep Plastic Bags Organized.
  8. Use Space Wisely.

Does the dollar store sell trash cans?

Keep any room neat and tidy with our affordable trash cans in a variety of colors and styles. Our $1 waste baskets are great for offices, bathrooms, laundry rooms, dorms, or any small space you need the extra convenience.

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