How do I get a new trash can in Houston?

If you are a new resident to an area that is serviced by the City of Houston, you will be issued a 96-gallon garbage container for your household garbage upon request. To request new residential service, visit the online 3-1-1 service request site here or call 3-1-1 and speak to a representative for assistance.

How do I buy a new trash can?

Request a New Container Submit a service request or call the City’s Customer Care Center at (800) 773-2489.

How much is trash pickup in Houston?

Charges for garbage service include $6.52 for basic collection service, a $2.37 recycling charge, 32 cents in administrative costs and 73 cents tax. The city contracts its solid waste service with IESI-Envirotex of Houston.

Where can I recycle glass bottles in Houston?

The Westpark Consumer Recycling Center will accept the same items as the Curbside Recycling Program with the addition of glass bottles and jars, anti-freeze, latex paint, and car batteries. You may also take your recyclables to the Clear Lake/Ellington Airport and Kingwood Park & Ride recycling drop-off locations. Q.

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What goes in the green trash can?

Acceptable Materials for Green Waste Cart:

  • Grass trimmings.
  • Weeds.
  • Green plants.
  • Tree limbs.
  • Wood chips.
  • Dead plants.
  • Brush.
  • Garden trimmings.

What is the average lifespan of a trash can?

Also make sure your trash is bagged and when possible place your container on level ground. Please note that the average life expectancy of containers is 10 years.

How often should you change your bin?

The Recycling is generally at least once, if not twice, a day. The black bin is roughly every 2-4 days, occasionally more frequent. The brown bin is roughly every 3-6 days. The compost bin is roughly twice a week, sometimes less.

Will City of Houston pick up trash tomorrow?

Normal schedule resumes today. CITY HOLIDAY: No Collection services today All Solid Waste Facilities including the Neighborhood Depositories/Recycling Centers, Westpark Recycling Center, Environmental Service Center and The Reuse Warehouse are closed.

What can you recycle in Houston?

The City of Houston accepts:

  • aluminum and tin cans.
  • corrugated cardboard.
  • envelopes.
  • home and office paper.
  • magazines.
  • mail.
  • newspapers.
  • telephone books.

How do you dispose of yard waste in Houston?

YARD WASTE It must be placed in City- approved compostable bags to be collected. The City-approved compostable bags may be purchased at local grocery or hardware stores; be sure to look for the City Logo on the box. Yard waste is collected weekly on the same day as your garbage.

Can you recycle pizza boxes in Houston?

When corrugated cardboard pizza boxes are soiled with grease, cheese and other foods the paper can not be recycled. The paper fibers will not be able to be separated from the oils during the pulping process.

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Does Houston actually recycle?

The city of Houston has four recycling drop-off centers which take commonly recycled items, such as newspaper and plastic drink bottles. Six neighborhood depository/ recycling centers, which take larger junk items like stoves and tree waste on top of your usual household recyclables, are sprinkled throughout the city.

Where can you recycle Styrofoam in Houston?

Today, Styrofoam (Plastic #6) can be recycled with special machinery. Houston has two centers that accept these materials: the Westpark Recycling Center and ESC South. But send it to the landfill, and it will, in fact, take half a millennium to decompose.

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