How do I get a bigger trash can from waste management?

If you decide you need a different trash cart size(s) or additional carts, contact customer service by calling (530) 893-4777 to discuss your options and rates.

Where can I take trash in Columbia SC?

Staffed County Drop-Off Centers

  • C&D Landfill Drop-Off Center, 1070 Caughman Road North, Columbia, SC 29203.
  • Lower Richland Drop-Off Center, 10531 Garners Ferry Road, Eastover, SC 29044 (just south of Mr.
  • Clemson Road Recycling Site, 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229 (across from the Village at Sandhill)

Is City of Columbia picking up recycling?

1, 2021, the City of Columbia will resume residential curbside recycling on a modified schedule. Recycling will be picked up every other week on the customers’ regularly scheduled refuse pickup day. Visit our Recycling Routes map to learn your new recycling curbside pickup schedule.

How do I get rid of a mattress in Columbia SC?

You can drop off your mattress at the county recycling center 1070 Caughman Road North which is off Monticello Road or at the Lower Richland site off Garners Ferry Road. If you can’t haul it yourself, you can call to schedule a pick-up at 929-6000.

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How do I change the size of my trash?

Click “ Recycle Bin properties”, in the “ Recycle Bin Tools” tab. In the Recycle Bin Properties window, you can configure the amount of space that is allocated to the Recycle Bin per hard drive.

How do I get rid of extra trash?

The first option is to take your trash to your local dump or recycling center. However, taking your trash there yourself means sorting it, loading and unloading it, and taking time out of your day. Save yourself the stress and let 1-800-GOT- JUNK? take your trash for you.

Does Columbia SC recycle?

The City of Columbia Solid Waste Division has aligned its waste reduction and recycling goals with RecycleMoreSC and the State. Learn more about recycling in Columbia and ways you can reduce your carbon footprint!

How do you dispose of paint in Columbia SC?

Residents may dispose of paint as part of their household trash if the paint is dry (solidified). Paint

  1. Remove the lid and allow the paint to air dry.
  2. For larger amounts of paint, mix an equal amount of clay-based cat litter and stir.

Where can I get rid of old gasoline near me?

Search online for “hazardous waste disposal center” in your county, city, or state. Call your county or city waste management agency and ask where gasoline goes. Check with your local fire department.

What can be recycled in the city of Columbia?

The mixed fiber recycling includes cardboard, office paper, newspaper, magazines, and any other paper material. The mixed container category includes aluminum cans, glass bottles, metal food cans, and all types of plastic (except Styrofoam and plastic film/ bags).

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How do I dispose of pesticides near me?

If any product remains in the container it must be disposed of as household hazardous waste. To find out where to take your unwanted pesticides, contact your local household hazardous waste, call 1-800-CLEANUP (1-800-253-2687), or talk to your state’s environmental agency. Remember!

What can I put in blue recycle bags?

Items Accepted in Blue Bag:

  • Rigid plastic containers (e.g. margarine tubs, laundry and soap bottles)
  • Tin cans and lids (e.g. soup or canned vegetables)
  • Paper products (e.g. newspaper, flyers cards, envelopes, magazines, tissue paper)
  • Flattened cardboard (e.g. Amazon boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons)

How do I dispose of a mattress in Lexington SC?

  1. Recycle at the Edmund Landfill.
  2. Bulk and Large Items. If you participate in Lexington County’s Curbside Collection Program, please contact your collection company to arrange for bulk and large item collection. Additional fee may apply.
  3. Set-out Time. 6:30.

Does Lexington County dump take mattresses?

Mattresses. Take to the Edmund Landfill to be recycled.

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