What happened to my trash icon?

First, right-click on the Desktop and select Personalize. In the dialog box on the right hand side, there should be an option called Change desktop icons. On the Change desktop icons dialog box, go ahead and check the Recycle Bin box to add that back to your desktop.

Why can’t I see my recycle bin on my desktop?

Here’s how to get the Recycle Bin on your desktop in Windows 10: Select the Start  button, then select Settings . Select Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings. Select the RecycleBin check box > Apply.

How do I find the trash on my computer?

Go to the Windows desktop, where you can see the Recycle Bin icon. If there are any files in the Recycle Bin, the icon should look like there is trash in the bin.

How do I get the trash icon back on my Iphone?

Answer: A: Settings, passwords & accounts, tap on the account, tap on the login ID, go to advanced. Set “move discarded messages into:” and choose trash mailbox instead of archive mailbox. The archive icon will be replaced with the trash icon instead.

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How do I open my trash folder?

Click on Files to open the file manager. Click Trash in the sidebar. If you do not see the sidebar, press the menu button in the top-right corner of the window and select Sidebar.

How do I restore deleted files?

You deleted something and want it back

  1. On a computer, go to drive.google.com/drive/trash.
  2. Right-click the file you’d like to recover.
  3. Click Restore.

How do I show icons on desktop?

Show desktop icons in Windows 10

  1. Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Personalization > Themes.
  2. Under Themes > Related Settings, select Desktop icon settings.
  3. Choose the icons you would like to have on your desktop, then select Apply and OK.

Where do deleted files go in Windows 10?

A deleted file in Windows 10 goes to the Recycle Bin unless you customize the Recycle Bin properties, use Shift + Delete keys, or empty the Recycle Bin. In these cases, the file is permanently deleted, requiring Windows 10 backup restoration or data recovery software.

When I restore from recycle bin where does it go?

When you restore files deleted from the Recycle Bin, they will appear in their original location in the folder from which they were deleted. The “Original Location” column in the Recycle Bin shows this location. Microsoft 365 is a server-based office solution that is ideal for personal users and small businesses.

How do I add a Trash button to my email?

Go to your inbox and swipe left on an email. A partial swipe will pull out your options: More, whatever you set as your Swipe Left option (if you set one), and Trash.

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How do I restore the Trash icon on my iPad?

Question: Q: No trash icon on iPad or iPhone

  1. Tap Settings > Passwords & Accounts.
  2. Tap the Gmail account.
  3. Tap “Account [[email protected]]” above the green toggle switches.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Under “Move discarded messages into”, tap Deleted Mailbox.
  6. Tap < Account to go back, then tap Done.

How do I move mail to trash instead of archive?

How to delete Gmail on iPhone instead of archive in the Mail app

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Swipe down and tap Mail.
  3. Tap Accounts, then your Gmail account.
  4. Select Account.
  5. Tap Advanced at the bottom.
  6. Now below Move Discarded Messages Into: tap Deleted Mailbox.
  7. Tap Account in the top left corner, then Done in the top right.
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