What does Chaeto need to grow?

Chaeto grows with light and nutrients, Phosphate, Nitrate, and Iron. If the nutrients are lacking the chaeto doesn’t grow. The marine plants and phytoplankton all compete for these same building block nutrients.

Does Chaeto need flow?

The macroalgae need a steady supply of light and nutrients in order to grow efficiently. Chaetomorpha needs water flow, especially Chaotic flow as it grows densely and it can shade itself from light and inhibit its own growth.

Why is my Chaeto not growing?

Although it’s far from a rule, in general, cyanobacteria means excess phosphates. Chaeto needs both nitrates and phosphates to grow. It’s possible your system is nitrate-deficient.

Why does my Chaeto keep dying?

Good water flow allows the algae to efficiently release wastes as well as take in nutrients and carbon dioxide. However, if water movement through the mass is weak, the plants can choke out, starve and eventually begin to die.

Does Chaeto die without light?

Well-Known Member. You can go without it for now but won’t want it to die in your system or it’s just going to release nutrients back into the tank.

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How fast should Chaeto grow?

If you have light and flow for chaeto, it all depends on your nutrients. If you have none, your chaeto might starve out. If you have some, your chaeto will grow pretty quickly. There are videos and post of people’s chaeto doubling in 2 weeks.

Does Chaeto need a dark period?

Chaeto needs at least 8 hours of darkness so run the reactor’s LEDs for no more than 16 hours. Run a reverse daylight cycle to keep the system water pH stable 24/7.

How do you feed Chaeto?

Many reefkeepers report poor growth from their Chaetomorpha algae and blame it on the lighting, but its often down to nutrient deficiency instead.

Why does Chaeto need to tumble?

Tumbling helps with fast and even growth, but it also changes the way it grows. Without it the Chaeto tends to string out, rather than clump into a ball. Chaeto have no roots, it cannot attach to any surface. Because of this, tumbling helps the light to properly penetrate the mass of Chaeto from all angles.

How do you clean Chaeto algae?

Chaeto can survive a pretty thorough washing in “tank temperature” tap water. That’s pretty good way to rid it of pests.

What is Chaeto?

Chaeto works as a natural filter to remove excess nitrates and phosphates from the tank water. It also works to accommodate Copepods and Amphipods. Ensuring the cleanliness of the water, it helps to maintain the water quality in the reef tank.

How do you make Chaeto grow faster?

Water movement helps chaeto rotate and move around the tank. This way, all parts of the chaeto ball get enough light and grow faster. If your tank doesn’t have any water flow, give your chaeto a hand now and then. Simply flop it around once a week and spread it out evenly so that it’s not thick.

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Why is my Chaeto turning white?

Chaeto is dying of. Either because you are not lighting it up properly or because it is in an area with not enough water flow through it. I would not leave it in your fuge or sump if it is dying off.

Can Chaeto grow in freshwater?

Chaeto is a species native to marine environments and most likely will not grow in freshwater aquariums or refugiums.

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