How tall is a 50 quart trash can?

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23 in. D x 15 in. W x 22 in. D Plastic In-Cabinet 50 Qt. Double Pull-Out Soft Close Trash Can in Gray Double 50 Qt. Steel Top Mount Waste Container 22.94 in. H x 14.81 in. W x 22.13 in. D Double 50 Qt. Pull-Out Brushed Aluminum and Silver Waste Container
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What size is a 50 liter trash can?

Step-On 13-Gallon Trash Can Color Black Dimensions 15.50 x 13.20 x 24.90 Inches. How big is a 50 liter trash can?

Features Step
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 18.90 x 14.37 x 26.77 Inches

How many gallons is a 50 quart trash can?

50 Quarts (12.5 Gallons ) bin capacity.

How many quarts is 13 gallon trash can?

Width: 11 1/4 Inches. Depth: 8 1/4 Inches. Height: 12 Inches. Capacity: 3 Gallons ( 13 qt.) Resources.

Capacity 13 qt. 3 Gallons
Color Black
Lid Type No Lid
Made in America Yes


How big is a 35 qt trash can?

W x 9 in. D Plastic 35 Qt. Replacement Pull Out Trash Can in White.

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What size is a normal trash can?

While the exact sizes will vary due to the other factors in this list, generally a bathroom trash can will be around 4 gallons, a bedroom or office trash can will be 7–10 gallons, and kitchen trash cans tend to be 12–16 gallons.

What size trash bag for 55 liter can?

14.5 Gal./ 55 l Custom Fit Trash Can Liner, Code U, (100-Count) (5-Packs of 20 Liners)

How tall is a 10 gallon trash can?

BRUTE Waste Containers

Name Height Diameter
10 – Gallon Trash Can 17-1/8 in. 15-5/8 in.
20- Gallon Trash Can 22 7/8 in 19 1/2 in
32- Gallon Trash Can with Lid 27-1/4 in. 22 in.
44- Gallon Trash Can 31-1/2 in. 24 in.


What is Rev A motion?

Description. Rev-A-Motion Double 30 Qt. 4WCBM Series Waste Units are the only bottom mounts available with the new Rev-A-Motion 8″ Soft-Open/Soft-Close Slide System. Innovative gas spring assisted shock allows unit to open smoothly and close softly even under the heaviest use.

How tall is a 9 gallon trash can?

Product dimensions: 14.5″ x 11″ x 18″ Rubbermaid 36-qt. ( 9 -gal.) Plastic Wastebasket:

Brand Rubbermaid
Recommended Location Indoor
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.19 x 11.19 x 27.63 Inches


How big is a 8 gallon trash can?

The dimensions for the Rubbermaid 8 Gal. Black Rectangular Trash Can with LinerLock are: 19.25″ H x 12.5″ W x 17″ L.

How big is a 27 quart trash can?

W x 11 in. D Plastic 27 Qt. Replacement Pull-Out Trash Can in White.

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