What can you get banned on twitch for?

(Reuters) – Live-streaming service Twitch will ban users for offenses such as hate-group membership or credible threats of mass violence that occur entirely away from the site, in a new approach to moderating the platform, the company said on Wednesday.

Is it dangerous to stream on Twitch?

Like all livestreaming platforms, Twitch can be risky for kids and teens. Although Twitch has moderators and strict rules around sexually suggestive or explicit content, it doesn’t offer filters or age gates for specific categories and games, which include mature, violent titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Crysis 3.

Does twitch delete videos in collections?

Once you’ve added videos to your collection, they’ll appear below the Edit Collection panel. Clicking the 3 Vertical Dots on the right hand side of a video will allow you to use that video as the thumbnail for the collection, or remove it from the collection entirely.

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Do videos in twitch collections expire?

In its current form, Twitch only saves past broadcasts for around a week unless the owner of the channel manually sets a broadcast to “save forever.” Under the new system, Twitch will save past broadcasts for a longer time — up to 60 days for Twitch Turbo subscribers or members of its partner system — but there will no

Can you be drunk on twitch?

Can You Drink Alcohol On Twitch? Yes, you can drink alcohol on stream. This means enjoying a beer or two on stream is perfectly fine but drinking excessively could result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Are twitch bans permanent?

Sometimes a suspension will be temporary and can range anywhere from 24 hours to a permanent ban in more serious cases. Those who are suspended multiple times can also receive a permanent ban, even if it’s for a minor offense.

Can you get banned for sleeping on twitch?

Users still can ‘t stream content they don’t have the rights to, unattended—say, sleeping — content, or stream while driving, Twitch PR director Chase told Kotaku. Streaming yourself while you ‘ re talking, that’s fine.

Can you be high on twitch?

We discourage broadcasters from the use of marijuana on our services. If doing so violates your local laws, causes you to inflict harm upon yourself, or is a focus of your broadcasts, this activity is entirely prohibited from broadcast.

Can you kiss on twitch?

According to Hashtag Hyena’s interpretation of the roles, no. The TOS of Twitch states that ‘Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as p**nography is prohibited’ but can you really say a quick kiss is a p**nography.

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How long do videos last on twitch?

Most Twitch Partners, Prime and Twitch Turbo users will have their past broadcasts saved for 60 days before being deleted. All other broadcasters will have their past broadcasts saved for 14 days before they are deleted. If there’s content you’d like to save for longer, you can highlight it!

Why does twitch delete old videos?

Why does twitch delete my videos? Due to storage limitations, recorded videos (i.e., ” Past Broadcasts”) are removed after several days. Once removed, they cannot be recovered. You can save a video by clicking the gear icon below the video player and selecting Save forever.

How long do collections last on twitch?

You’ll keep them for two weeks if you’re a free user, and 60 days if you’re either a Turbo subscriber or one of Twitch’s partners.

Why do twitch VODs get deleted?

It’s all about scaling. Just like how youtube has a massive amount of uploads. If Twitch archived everyone’s VODs forever, the cost of server space would outweigh any amount of potential profit the company could make from adsense or any of their other efforts monetizing content.

How do I stop twitch videos from expiring?

To set this up, open Twitch and go to Settings > Channel & Videos. Under Channel Settings, check the box next to Archive Broadcasts. Your broadcasts will now be archived on Twitch — but not forever. If you want to save your past sessions forever, you’ll need to record them in OBS.

How many videos can you upload to twitch?

There is a rate limit of 5 simultaneous uploads per user, with a maximum of 100 uploads in 24 hours.

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