Where can I take my trash in Philadelphia?

Where are the Philadelphia Sanitation Convenience Centers?

  • Port Richmond: 3901 Delaware Ave. 215-685-1358.
  • Strawberry Mansion: 2601 W. Glenwood Ave.
  • Southwest Philadelphia: 3033 S.
  • Northwest Philadelphia: 300 block Domino Lane, near Umbria St.
  • Northeast Philadelphia: State Rd.
  • West Philadelphia: 5100 Grays Ave.

How do I report trash not picked up in Philadelphia?

What happens if the trash truck misses my house or block? Report missed collections at potholes. phila.gov or contact 311 or 215-686-5560. In some instances, the trash may have been set out too late or there are visible contaminants in the trash.

Where does trash go after you throw it away?

Most likely, the trash will end up at a landfill in your state. However, since landfills are often far away, there could be some stops along the way once the garbage has left your curbside.

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Can you put trash out the night before?

30 and residents may not put their trash out until 7 p.m. the night before collection. Trash set out before the allotted times is considered litter, even if it is in the proper location and the proper receptacle, according to the Street Department’s sanitation regulations.

Why didn’t they take my trash?

Here’s Why You Might’ve Missed This Week’s Garbage Day Your bin was over the weight limit. The item is something that is only collected on specific days. You placed out an item that the garbage company doesn’t accept. Obstructions were blocking the garbage truck from servicing your container.

Is there a limit to how much trash you can put out in Philadelphia?

The Sanitation Division provides weekly residential curbside trash collection for residential dwellings of six units or less. Each single-family residential unit is limited to a maximum of four 32‐gallon containers or eight 32‐gallon trash bags.

Where can I dump construction debris in Philadelphia?

Construction & Commercial Waste Disposal in Northeast Philadelphia. Revolution Recovery Philadelphia is located at 7333 Milnor Street in Philadelphia, PA. We offer landfill alternative services conveniently located off the Cottman exit of I-95.

Does the city of Philadelphia recycle?

Plus, all recycling in Philadelphia is now single stream, meaning you can put all of your recyclables together in one bin — cans, glass, mixed paper, cardboard and most plastic containers — no need to sort or separate them.

Where should I put my trash cans outside?

Common Garbage Can Placement Problems Your containers should be placed at the curb side by side. Stacked containers can cause delays and missed pick ups. The wheels on your cart should face the home. The front of your container has a metal bar that needs to face the street and be accessed by the garbage truck.

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When can you put trash out Philadelphia?

Collection schedule

If the date is … You should set out your trash and recycling …
April 1 to September 30 Between 8 p.m. the night before collection day and 6 a.m. on collection day
October 1 to March 31 Between 6 p.m. the night before collection day and 6 a.m. on collection day

Is recycling mandatory in PA?

Recycling is the law! In 1988, Pennsylvania passed PA Act 101 in an effort to reduce waste and increase recycling. Under the law, commercial establishments (including schools, churches, retailers, offices, non-profits, and others) must recycle according to the plan their municipality has created. It’s Easy!

Do dumps burn trash?

But garbage in a landfill does decompose, albeit slowly and in a sealed, oxygen-free environment. According to the NYDEC, some landfills vent this methane into the air. In others, it is collected to sell or burn as a source of energy.

How do dumps get rid of trash?

The Landfill: The Final Resting Place Trash is delivered by trucks to what is called the “open cell”. This is the only part of the landfill that has trash visible at the surface. After being delivered, the trash is driven over by heavy machines called compactors.

What are the 3 ways to help the trash problem?

Eight Ways to Reduce Waste

  • Use a reusable bottle/cup for beverages on-the-go.
  • Use reusable grocery bags, and not just for groceries.
  • Purchase wisely and recycle.
  • Compost it!
  • Avoid single-use food and drink containers and utensils.
  • Buy secondhand items and donate used goods.
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