How do you beat the trash can in Luigi’s Mansion?

You can do this by shooting it with the plunger, then sucking it in. When the circle is full, press A to smash the bin against the floor. Now shine the darklight onto it and wait for the purple orbs. Vacuum them up, and it’ll become just a regular garbage can.

How do you beat the garbage?

Shoot a plunger onto the circle on its chest, and then pull on said plunger until you have charged up a slam. Preform the slam with the A button, and then shine the dark light on the downed enemy. Then suck the glowing spheres up with the Poltergust when they appear.

How do you beat the mechanic in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

To beat the mechanic you’ll need to float around in the water avoid 2 attacks then vacuum him up and fire him into the spikes. The control scheme for this isn’t about turning but treat the joystick as the duck itself. The direction you push is the direction the duck will go in the water.

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Where is the ghost cat in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Kitty is in the next room and is quietly waiting in the bathtub. First step, break the watermelons in the bathtub using the XXL model just to the left. Then, turn the bathtub faucet to soak the Cat Ghost, then flash it to start the fight. This will be the last tail you’ll need to swallow.

How do you beat Polterkitty Part 2?

Suck up the sand here to find the Polterkitty. Immediately Flash attack the Polterkitty to trigger the second encounter boss fight. Use the same strategy as described in the gray box above to defeat Polterkitty. After defeating the Polterkitty a second time it will run off once again.

How do you get a Polterkitty button?

Follow Polterkitty and bring down its health to get the button. You’ll have to capture/attack it 3 times and after each attack, it will change locations.

How do you use Luigi’s Slam Attack?

Unlike the basic ghosts, one barrage of ghost slams won’t defeat them. Instead, hold down ZR and pull with the left stick to deplete some of their health before you initiate a slam attack. This lets you pour on extra damage and will cut down the time you’re fighting bosses.

How do you get down the elevator in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

You’ll need to figure out a way to take the elevator down to the next floor. Summon Gooigi and have him use the poltergust to bring the elevator up. Have Luigi get into the elevator. Then have Gooigi move the fan in the opposite direction so that the elevator will move to the bottom.

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How do you beat the basement boo?

To defeat them, you should:

  1. Hit them with the dark-light device (whether visible or invisible) to stun them.
  2. Keep the dark-light trained in them until they and spit out their tongue.
  3. Suck up their tongue with the Poltergust.
  4. Pull away from the Boo and repeatedly slam them against the ground using A.

How do I get out of Toad with b2?

Once Gooigi is on the other side, switch to Luigi and operate the valve, stopping the stream that separates our gooey friend from a cardboard containing a Toad. To get it out of there, vacuum it and aim to get it to the other side. A big ghost blocks the exit, so you’ll have to improvise.

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