Where can I dump trash in Fairfax County?

Proof of residency in Fairfax County (i.e., utility bill, driver’s license) is required to dispose of trash at either the I-66 Transfer Station Complex or I-95 Landfill Complex.

Does Fairfax County have a dump?

Known by many different names (i.e., recycling center, county dump, landfill ), the I-66 Transfer Station and the I-95 Landfill Complex continue to provide high-quality and environmentally-responsible recycling and disposal services for Fairfax County.

How much does it cost to drop stuff at the dump?

Cost to Dump at a Landfill If you have the time and a way to haul it, you can dump your own trash, furniture and hazardous waste at your local landfill for $20 to $50 per ton. In some locations, your local utility bill includes dumping free of charge.

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Where does Fairfax County trash go?

Books that are thrown away in the trash (not the recycling bin) do not go to a landfill. All trash in Fairfax County is burned in a waste-to-energy facility that generates electrical power.

How much is trash in Fairfax County?

Commercial Cash Customers

Category Rate
Trash $68/ton
Metal $68/ton
Brush $45/ton
Yard Waste (loose or bagged) $62/ton

How do I dispose of a TV in Fairfax County?

Electronics can be dropped off any day of the week at both the I-66 Transfer Station and the I-95 Landfill Complex (See Waste and Recycling Drop-off Centers for more information). There are no fees associated with this service; however customers may be required to show proof of residency.

How do you get rid of dirt in Fairfax County?

If you have county trash and recycling service, call 703-802-3322, TTY 711 or schedule the collection online. Important: Remove all doors from large appliances before setting at the curb.

How do I get rid of furniture in Fairfax County?

Fairfax offers curbside pickup of old furniture and mattresses. If you already have county trash and recycling service, please call (703) 802-3322, TTY 711 or schedule the collection online. You are allowed up to 5 special collections per year.

What can I recycle in Fairfax County?

The following materials can be recycled in your blue recycling cart.

  • Mixed paper, magazines, junk mail, newspapers.
  • Collapsed cardboard. [All cardboard must be collapsed.
  • Metal food and beverage cans.
  • Cartons (milk, juice) remove straws.
  • Plastic food and beverage bottles and jugs ONLY.
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Can you go to the dump and take things?

Yes it is most landfills have police make rounds after hours and they can arrest you for trespassing, etc. The issue is not just trash is there but most also have close to $1M worth of equipment sitting there not to mention the LF offices, etc. If you ‘re taking metal / copper /wiring /etc from C&D facilities, etc

How can I get rid of my old TV for free?

You have a few options when it comes to getting rid of an old TV.

  1. Donate your TV. There are many local charities that accept televisions that still work.
  2. Take it to a recycling facility. Depending on where you live, they may offer a pick up service.
  3. Return it to the manufacturer.
  4. Sell it.
  5. Give it away for free.

How much does it cost to dump at Miramar Landfill?

Miramar provides San Diego residents and small businesses the ability to take large amounts of trash and other waste for an affordable price. Miramar Landfill fees are reasonable. They only charge $31 per ton.

What happens to Fairfax County trash?

Trash and Recycling Collection Trash and recycling may be left if improperly prepared for collection. Bag household trash before placing it in the trash cart. All trash must be placed inside the county provided cart. For extra service please contact customer service by calling 703-802-3322 | TTY 711.

Who collects my trash Fairfax County?

If so, Fairfax County picks up your trash and you are a County Collection Customer. If you live on a boundary or have questions about who collects your trash, please call 703-802-3322, TTY 711 for assistance. For best results, enter your full street address including house number in the search bar.

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How do you dispose of paint in Fairfax County?

Latex Paint may be recycled in quantities that are greater than 1/4 of a can at the I-95 Landfill Complex or the I-66 Transfer Station any day of the week. Cans that are less than 1/4 full should be left open to dry out.

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