What is the best weapon in the division?

The Division 2 weapon damage stats list and damage charts – find the best weapons in The Division 2

Weapon Damage DPS
Mk17 / Mk20 17463 80039
M1A 14345 76507
ACR 9979 69853
SIG 716 13097 65485


Can you level up weapons in the division?

To upgrade a weapon: You need to own the Exotic you want to upgrade. The Exotic must have a Gear Score lower than 500. You need to have the right blueprint for the Exotic.

What are the exotic weapons in the division?

What are Exotic Items?

Light Machine Guns Hungry Hog • Pakhan • Big Alejandro
Marksman Rifles Historian • Tenebrae • The Devil’s Heel (Devil/Heel)
Submachine Guns Midas • Valkyria (Hildr/Eir) • Thompson M1928 (Tommy Gun ) • The House
Shotguns Defiler • Cassidy • Medved • Showstopper
Sidearms Centurion • Damascus • Golden Rhino


How do you get high end gear in the division?

How to Get High – End Weapons in The Division

  1. Take on Dark Zone Bosses.
  2. Buy Your Gear from Vendors.
  3. Craft New Gear in the Base of Operations.
  4. Loot Every Crate You See.
  5. Replay the General Assembly Mission.
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What are the best guns in the Division 1?

The main thing you should look for in a PvE weapon is damage over time, and this list is mostly based around that.

  • No. 5: PP-19 SMG.
  • No. 4: SASG-12 Shotgun.
  • No. 3: G36 Assault Rifle.
  • No. 2: SCAR-H Assault Rifle.
  • No. 1: Hungry Hog / M60 LMG.

Can you drop items in the division?

On the Item Options Menu, you can scroll down one to the option that simply says Share. All you have to do is select this and the item will drop back on the ground, allowing any of your current party members to grab it.

How do you share weapons in Division 1?

How to Trade Items in The Division

  1. You need to have a group. Preferably people you trust.
  2. Once you pick up an item, you have a short amount of time to “ trade ” it.
  3. Drop it on the ground and any other person from your group will be able to pick it up.

Can you give people guns in Division 2?

Nothing you earn by yourself or without your teammates can be shared. This means if you earn a gun during a mission and then join your friend, that gun cannot be shared. Only loot earned together can be distributed to other players in your game.

Is ruthless or merciless Division 2 better?

The Division 2 Merciless Exotic is a more powerful version of the Ruthless single shot rifle, which you can get as a pre-order exclusive. It comes packing the Guerrilla Warfare talent that really makes this weapon worthy of its name.

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How do you get exotic caches in Division 1?

The Exotic Cache is a cache that rewards the player with 1 exotic item. This cache is fairly rare, as it can only be earned a few times every week. It can be acquired by completing certain missions and Incursions on their highest difficulty.

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