Why can’t I delete trash from Gmail?

It’s a bug This appears to be a display bug with the Gmail app. Simply change your phone’s orientation or open any email from the spam/ trash then go back to the list and you’ll get back the option to empty them.

How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail?

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  1. Filter Emails. To get started, log into your Gmail inbox as you’d always do.
  2. Select all messages. Next, check a little box under the the search bar to select all displayed messages.
  3. Select all Conversations.
  4. Delete all Messages.
  5. Empty Trash.

Why can’t I empty my Gmail Trash on Iphone?

Turn your device to landscape mode, and then turn it back to portrait mode, which should allow the “ Empty ” option to reappear. You can also open a spam or trash email, then tap on the back button to go back to your primary list; when you do, the “ Empty ” option should be there.

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How do I change my trash settings in Gmail?

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.
  2. In the top left, tap Menu.
  3. Tap Trash.
  4. Tap the letter or photo next to the messages you want to recover.
  5. In the top right, tap More.
  6. Tap Move to.
  7. Choose where you want to move the message to, like your inbox.

Where is my trash bin in Gmail?

On your computer, go to Gmail. On the left side of the page, click More. Scroll to Trash.

How do I permanently delete Trash?

On an Android device, open Settings and head to System, Advanced, and then Reset options. In there, you’ll find Erase all data (factory reset).

Why is my email trash empty?

‘ Trash ‘ is for items you do not want. Some auto empty Trash folder periodically by default and there is nothing you can do about it. After all, Trash is for unwanted items, so after a period of time allowing for rescuing an email deleted in error, they clear this folder to create more space.

How long does email stay in Trash?

After you delete a message, it’s saved in your Trash for 30 days, after which it’s permanently erased from the Trash. You can change where your deleted messages are stored so they aren’t permanently erased.

Can you delete more than 100 emails at a time in Gmail?

Gmail’s inbox can display a maximum of 100 emails per page, so if the emails you want to delete span multiple pages, you have to search and delete them in multiple actions.

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How do I delete hundreds of emails at once?

CTRL-click all the items you want to delete, and press Delete to delete them all at once. Or, if the items are all next to each other, click the first item, SHIFT-click the last item, and click Delete to delete those two and everything in between.

How do I clean up thousands of emails?

Select All emails, and select all conversations, then click the Trash icon just like you’ve been doing all along. After that, your email inbox of tens of thousands should be getting down into at last the single thousands by this point.

How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail on iPhone?

Deleting Multiple Gmail Emails

  1. Open the Gmail app on your iPhone.
  2. Choose a folder where the emails are located.
  3. In the list of emails, tap on the round thumbnail representing the user’s profile.
  4. Select the email or emails that you want to remove, then tap the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

How do I delete an email that won’t delete?

Method 2 – Hard delete the message You can also “hard delete ” the message by holding the SHIFT button while clicking on the Delete button or using the Delete button on your keyboard.

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