What does calling someone a trash can mean?

Calling someone trash = waste, something useless, worthless PERSON. Is a term of contempt.

What does local mean in slang?

“A local is a person who doesn’t participate in things like stan twitter or film twitter but instead their account is completely personal and their interests are probably really mainstream,” she says.

What is another word for trash can?

What is another word for trash can?

bin bucket
Dumpster [tm] dustbin
garbage can rubbish bin
wastebasket waste bin
wheelie bin waste paper bin


Is trash a cuss word?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “ garbage ” has been used figuratively to refer to worthless or offensive things since the late 16th century–almost as long as the word has existed at all.

Is trash an insult?

Trash means to insult someone, or to destroy something. An example of trash is talking badly about a friend behind their back.

What makes you a local?

In my opinion, a ” local ” should be someone who lives in the area and can speak from experience due to residing in the area for a few years. If someone just visits a destination often from another city, it’s more like being a “regular” (but even that is suspect at times).

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What makes someone a local?

A local is techically defined as a person that has been residing in town at least one day longer than you. and after residing in the town/area for a month or two the ” local ” begins complaining that too many people are moving to the area.

What makes something local?

However, the common definition used by the general population considers food “ local ” if it was grown within 100 miles or within the state. If the food travels, it is important that information about the product travels with it to ensure its origin.

What does the expression file 13 mean?

” File 13 ” is a euphemism for the trash can. The phrase is especially used in the U.S. military, and is less common outside of the United States. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the expression “round file ” or “circular file ” is more common (in reference to trash cans typically being round).

How do I keep my trash bag in place?

Tie a Knot to Keep the Trash Bag from Slipping

  1. Start out by tying a smaller knot in the corner of the bag. Make sure you tie the knot prior to placing the bag in the can, and you should avoid tying the knot too tightly.
  2. Place the bag inside of the trash receptacle. Then stretch the bag over the lip of the bin.

How do you hide a trash bag in a can?

All you need to do is place the opened drawstring edge over the top rim of the garbage can —like a hat. Then you push it down inside the can, removing all the air and making room for the trash.

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