How do you make a plastic bottle trash can?

All you need its a bunch of plastic bottle preferably of the same kind to make it easy. a steel frame,a tweezers, a drill and a sharp knife. You need to cut the bottom of the bottle so you can put one bottle in other. then with the drill make a hole in the cup and make another hole in the bottle that you didnt cut.

Why is paper waste a problem?

Paper Waste is a serious problem in many industries and offices. Because of printing mistakes, junk mails, billings, and packaging, paper may comprise up to 70% of a company’s total waste. According to Environment Canada, of the 6 million tonnes of paper and paperboard used annually, only 25% of them are recycled.

What does trashcan mean?

US.: a container that holds materials that have been thrown away.

How do you use a dustbin?

Use the dustbin so that you throw away all your waste at once by gathering all waste in one bin collected from different rooms and places. Use the dustbin to collect the wrappers of different items. Use the dustbin to throw unnecessary papers in it. Use the dustbin in the washroom to collect the used tissues.

What is the Colour of biodegradable dustbin?

The pollution board has also suggested three colours for dustbins — green for biodegradable waste; black for e-waste; and blue for plastic and metal waste.

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How does a pedal bin work?

As a foot is pressed on the pedal (A) linkage B moves downwards linkage C moves upwards. Linkage C is connected to moving pivot D on the lid. Pivot E is fixed and allows rotation of the lid. A 3D version of the pedal bin is shown below.

How can we make things from waste materials?

When put to the right use, you can create useful things from waste material such as pretty handicrafts for your home, accessories or even toys for your kids! It’s a great way to reduce the waste produced by your house and do the planet a favour. What waste you need:

  1. Ice cream sticks.
  2. Ribbon.
  3. Glue.
  4. Felt pens.
  5. Googly eyes.
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