Does Pensacola actually recycle?

Curbside recycling is available from the city of Pensacola for its residents and from Emerald Coast Utilities Authority for unincorporated areas. For detailed information or to request service, please click on the link to the right. If you are a business in Escambia County, you can recycle.

What do garbage trucks do with the garbage?

In most areas, nonrecyclable garbage is sent to the landfill. In modern landfills, trash is strategically layered with complex liner and drainage systems, allowing it to decompose naturally with the smallest environmental impact possible.

What does Florida do with their garbage?

Generally speaking, solid waste —that is, the refuse you throw in the trash —winds up in one of three places: a landfill; a MRF (pronounced “murph”), material recycling facility; or a waste energy plant. “ Florida has very extensive curbside collection for recyclables,” Schert says.

What does Waste Pro do?

Waste Pro will offer garbage, recycling, yard debris and bulky item service. However, Waste Pro will make use of automated trucks to service garbage and recycling. Additionally, yard debris such as leaves and grass clippings can no longer be accepted with plastic bags at the Solid Waste Facility.

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How do I recycle in my area?

Get to know your local recycling program you use and encourage them to use as a resource.

  1. Check printed materials from your local government or recycling provider.
  2. Browse the website of your local government or recycling provider.
  3. Call your local government or recycling provider.

Where can I recycle plastic in Pensacola?

Where can I recycle plastic bags?

  • Winn-Dixie. 7135 N 9th Avenue. Pensacola, Fl 32504. View Map.
  • Four Winds. 6895 N 9th Avenue. Pensacola, Fl 32504. View Map.
  • Publix Super Market. 5055 N 9th Avenue. Pensacola, Fl 32504. View Map.
  • Wal-Mart Supercenter. 2650 Creighton Road. Pensacola, Fl 32504. View Map.

How much is a garbage truck worth?

As an owner you want to maximize the investment in the truck, especially given that a new garbage truck can range in price from $150,000 to as much as $350,000.

How does a garbage truck empty?

Rear loaders have an opening into a trough or hopper at the rear that a waste collector can throw waste bags or empty the contents of bins into. Often in many areas they have a lifting mechanism to automatically empty large carts without the operator having to lift the waste by hand.

Do garbage trucks have GPS?

Most of these systems use a GPS satellite connection, as well as cellular wireless signals to track the unit moment-by-moment. The information is then filtered through a sophisticated software suite, which allows you to keep real-time tabs on a particular vehicle or vehicles.

What is the largest landfill in Florida?

Mount Trashmore, Broward’s landfill, is more than 20 stories tall. And it will rise even higher. The landfill nicknamed “Mount Trashmore” has been swelling for decades in Broward County, rising from a 10-foot pile of debris to a behemoth that’s more than 200 feet tall.

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How many landfills are there in Florida?

State-Level Project and Landfill Totals from the LMOP Database

State Operational Projects All Landfills
Colorado (XLSX) (March 2021)(34 K) 2 38
Connecticut (XLSX) (March 2021)(31 K) 2 24
Delaware (XLSX) (March 2021)(27 K) 4 4
Florida (XLSX) (March 2021)(50 K) 19 75


Does the government own waste management?

GSA manages solid waste in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations, and waste is generally managed under the following categories: municipal solid waste (trash or garbage ), construction and demolition waste, and hazardous waste.

Are Waste Pro trucks automatic?

WM uses both automatic and manual transmissions in their roll off trucks.

Is Waste Pro and Waste Management the same company?

When Waste Pro USA founder and CEO John Jennings started the Longwood, Florida-based waste management company back in 2001, he had a simple mission: Transform an age-old business model that revolved around operational expediency into one that put the customer first.

Who is the owner of Waste Pro?

John Jennings. John J. Jennings is the founder and visionary behind Waste Pro USA. His father, Michael Jennings, was an Irish immigrant who worked as a garbage man in Long Island, New York and taught his son the importance of a diligent work ethic.

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