How do you unlock Lt Surge’s Gym in Pokemon Red?

To open the door that leads to Lt. Surge, you need to hit two hidden switches located in the buckets in this room. The switch locations are random, so all you can do is search all the buckets until you find the first switch, then look for the second one right next to it. If you mess up, you need to start over.

Which trash cans have the switch fire red?

The fourth can in the bottom row is an empty red trash can, while the second can in the middle row is an empty blue trash can. When defeated, the Trainers in the Gym hint that a can next to the blue can contains a switch, while none of the cans next to the red can contain a switch.

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How do you solve trash can puzzle fire red?

Press “A” while you face the trash can. If a switch is inside, you press it. If not, face each trash can and press “A” until you flip the first switch. Face a trash can that is either next to the one containing the switch, above it or below it.

How do you get through the electric gym in fire red?

If you’ve got it, you need to teach this skill to one of your Pokémon, then walk up to the small tree next to the gym. If one of the Pokémon in your party has Cut, it will ask you if you’d like to cut the tree. Do it and voila, the passage is now open.

Does Pikachu Learn Thunderbolt?

At level 26 in Yellow, Pikachu gets Thunderbolt, which is essentially the only level-up move it really needs; unfortunately, Pikachu does not learn Thunderbolt by level in Red and Blue, so it will have to be taught by TM instead.

Where do you go after you beat LT surge?

Anne, make sure to head over to the Vermilion City Gym Page for help with the gym and where to go after finishing it. Go ahead and move on to the S.S. Anne to the east or if you ‘ve already beaten Lt. Surge, head to Route 11, which is also located to the east of Vermilion City.

What TM does LT surge give you?

In addition to the Thunder Badge, Lt. Surge gives out TM24RBY/TM36PE (Thunderbolt) in the Generation I games and Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!. In FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, and SoulSilver he gives out TM34 (Shock Wave). In Gold, Silver, and Crystal, he doesn’t give out a TM.

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What trash cans have the switches?

Where are the Switch in the Trash Cans? The first switch is the top center trash can, third trash can from the left, 1st row from the top. The second switch is just besides the first switch. Third trash can from the left, 2nd row from the top, near the sailor.

Where do I get the Pokeflute in fire red?

Go to the top of the pokemon tower in lavender town and beat team rocket and then Mr. Fuji will give you the poke flute.

How do you solve a garbage puzzle?

Accepted Answer. There are two switchs, one is random, and the other is near the first one. Search them all until you find the first switch. Activate it, save the game, and check the one that is the closest, lets say, to the right.

How do you get an exp share in fire red?

As you travel east out of Fuchsia City, you enter a gate as you leave the city toward Route 15. In the gate, go upstairs to the second floor and look for one of Professor Oak’s aides. He’ll give you the Exp. Share as long as you’ve recorded 50 caught Pokémon in the Pokédex.

What Pokemon are on Route 2 in fire red?

Route 2

Pokemon Games Levels
Pidgey FR/LG 2 -5
Rattata FR/LG 2 -5
Caterpie FR/LG 4-5

What is the third gym in Kanto?

The Vermilion Gym is the third gym of the Kanto region, located in Vermilion City and its champion is Lt. Surge.

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How do you beat LT surge?

Use Ground Types Against Electric Type Moves Lt. Surge’s Pokemon’s natural weakness is Ground/Rock Types. Having a couple in your party will help battle against their Electric Type attacks.

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