What are the diseases caused by garbage?

The main diseases are garbage Caused by: gastrointestinal, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, cholera, skin diseases, and respiratory allergies. These diseases are frequent in people who are in places where there is very close accumulation of garbage.

Can you get sick from touching a garbage can?

Garbage starts to decompose, and that process involves a lot of bacteria and germs. Even though you may not have touched the garbage directly, the trash can and plastic trash bags have plenty of germs.

How does garbage affect human health?

The more emissions that we produce due to how much trash we generate, affects us long term. One can develop diseases such as asthma, birth defects, cancer, cardiovascular disease, childhood cancer, COPD, infectious diseases, low birth weight, and preterm delivery.

How dangerous is sanitation work?

Sanitation workers also have the fifth most dangerous job in America, and it’s the only job in the top five deemed essential. It’s also perhaps one of the most arduous jobs — thanks to hazardous waste and dangerous equipment.

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What are the effects of garbage?

Trash can travel throughout the world’s rivers and oceans, accumulating on beaches and within gyres. This debris harms physical habitats, transports chemical pollutants, threatens aquatic life, and interferes with human uses of river, marine and coastal environments.

Is it dangerous to live next to a landfill?

Health is at risk for those who live within five kilometers of a landfill site. The results showed a strong association between Hydrogen Sulphide (used as a surrogate for all pollutants co-emitted from the landfills ) and deaths caused by lung cancer, as well as deaths and hospitalizations for respiratory diseases.

What will happen if garbage is not removed from our surroundings?

If garbage is not removed regularly from our homes and surroundings then they will become dirty. Some of the garbage will rot giving off foul smell. The rotting garbage will become a breeding ground for disease causing organisms such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes.

Can garbage smell make you sick?

The health effects of hydrogen sulphide depend on the amount inhaled and for how long. Exposure to low concentrations can produce irritation of the nose and throat and lead to loss of appetite and headache. Higher concentrations can cause eye irritation, coughing, and loss of smell.

What is the major cause of our garbage problem?

The primary culprit is anything organic such as yard and food waste. Waste at landfills is usually compressed to save space.

How dangerous is being a garbage man?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics bases its results on the number of deaths on the job. Waste collection had a mortality rate of 30 per 100 000 workers that year. The study concluded that garbage collectors face a moderate risk that is about 10 times less than the health threat to farmers.

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Is being a garbage man stressful?

The job can be physically demanding for helpers, since they pick up many cans of garbage each day in rain, snow, sleet and the summer heat.

What is the proper term for garbage man?

A waste collector, also known as a garbageman, trashman (in the US), dustman or binman (in the UK), is a person employed by a public or private enterprise to collect and dispose of municipal solid waste (refuse) and recyclables from residential, commercial, industrial or other collection sites for further processing

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