What does it mean to trash a card in Dominion?

Trashing a card usually means removing it permanently from your deck, although there are a small number of cards, chiefly Lurker, Graverobber, Rogue and Treasurer, that can retrieve a card from the trash, and one card, Fortress, which returns itself to you if you try to trash it.

How do you trash a card in Dominion online?

Trash: Put a card into the trash pile. The trash pile is used by all players as a receptacle for cards removed from their deck. Cards can only be trashed if an effect says so. Be careful: discarding and trashing are different things.

Can you get rid of a curse in Dominion?

A Curse is a card that costs 0 Coins, so if you play a Remodel, you can trash a Curse and gain any card costing up to 2 Coins. EDIT: Remodel is one of the worst ways to get Curses out of your deck, though. You generally don’t want to flood your deck with 2-Coin cards.

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What does a curse do in Dominion?

. Their chief function in gameplay is to weaken a player’s score and deck composition as a result of other players playing certain Attack cards. The number of Curses in any game depends on the number of players: the Curse pile in the Supply contains 10 Curses for each player past the first.

Can you trash a card as an action in Dominion?

In short, you cannot trash any card unless an Action (by playing a card ) tell you to do so. In Dominion, you are not allowed to trash a card unless something specifically allows it.

What are the best cards in Dominion?

This is our list of the best Dominion cards.

  • Chapel. Chapel is easily the best card in Dominion.
  • Mountebank. The effect of king’s court is obviously very powerful.
  • Wharf. Wharf is a straightforwardly strong card from Dominion Seaside.
  • King’s Court.
  • Goons. Goons is the most versatile card in this list.

How much does Dominion online cost?

It’s like $4 a month and you can cancel whenever. You also don’t have to play with all of the cards immediately, since it seems like you don’t have much experience with them. You can pick particular expansions to try out and learn without throwing too much in at once, even though you have them all unlocked.

Is there an online version of Dominion?

Playing the base version of Dominion online is free. You can play against the computer or against real people.

What is exile in Dominion?

Exile is a place to put cards that was introduced in Menagerie.. If there are any cards in the Kingdom that use Exile, give an Exile mat to each player. When you Exile a card, you put it on your Exile mat. Exiling a card is not gaining it or trashing it.

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Can you buy a curse in Dominion?

They are always an option to purchase regardless of the cards in play, but generally you wouldn’t want to buy them. But if you wanted to, you could buy a curse for 0 in any game of dominion (and this is a relevant point with some of the other expansion cards).

How many curse cards do you get in Dominion?

There are 30 curse cards, and 250 kingdom cards, 10 each of 25 types.

Is a curse card a victory card?

No. Curse cards do not have the type Victory. They just have type Curse. (You can see this in the rules or by reading the card closely – although they affect your VP total, they do not have ” Victory ” in the type line, just ” Curse “).

What happens if you run out of curse cards in Dominion?

What should happen? We trashed the last Curse card and played without it. You give them out in turn order. Also remember that curse cards count as a supply pile for purposes of determining when the game ends.

How does a game of Dominion end?

The game ends at the end of any player’s turn when either: 1) the Supply pile of Province cards is empty or 2) any 3 Supply piles are empty. Each player puts all of his cards into his Deck and counts the victory points on all the cards he has. The player with the most victory points wins.

How does the chapel card work in Dominion?

allows you to buy Chapel on both opening turns, improving the odds of trashing very quickly, then trade them in for very powerful cards when they are eventually drawn together. with Chapel gives you a high likelihood of being able to trash with Chapel on both turns 3 and 4, while also trashing Estates first.

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