What can you do if your neighbor takes your trash?

I would recommend contacting the trash company and asking if they will replace a broken trash can for free. I know that my trash collectors will charge for a new can if yours is lost or stolen, but if it’s just broken (and doesn’t look like you abused it) they will replace it for free.

What to do if trash is missing?

For multi-family collection, bins may remain where they are stored throughout the week. If your bins are broken or missing, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489. Please have your bin number handy if possible.

Do trash cans have serial numbers?

The serial number of this can is located on a silver stick below the liner pocket and battery compartment. Do you find this helpful? there should be a small white label on the back of the trash can below the compartment where you load the trash bags.

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What do you do if someone steals your Recycle Bin?

If the recycling bins are in your back yard and you feel threatened, you should call 911 with suspect details. Although, you may feel this is a harmless crime, scavenging presents an opportunity for individuals to gain access to your personal information via sensitive documents you may have disposed.

Can someone move my trash can?

Yes, she is trespassing and doesn’t have a right to enter your property without permission. You also might want to check your city code for any requirements on when the cans must be moved back from the curb to your property to avoid

How long can you leave your trash cans out?

In Los Angeles County, the law says that “no person shall place any solid waste, or any container containing solid waste, at any place of collection before 5:00 p.m. of the day preceding the scheduled collection of said solid waste, or leave any such container at the place of collection after 8:00 p.m. on the day of

What can I put in my green trash bin?

Acceptable Materials for Green Waste Cart:

  • Grass trimmings.
  • Weeds.
  • Green plants.
  • Tree limbs.
  • Wood chips.
  • Dead plants.
  • Brush.
  • Garden trimmings.

How do you get a new trash can Honolulu?

Damaged carts should be reported to the nearest collection yard. Our supervisors can often repair broken wheels or lid hinges; otherwise, the cart will be replaced. Report a stolen cart first to the Honolulu Police Department.

How do I get a new garbage can in Los Angeles?

Request a New Container Submit a service request or call the City’s Customer Care Center at (800) 773-2489.

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How do I mark my trash can?

You can use a thick sharpie or paint, to mark your address on your trash and recycling bins. This way, you will be able to identify them quickly if they get blown away by wind or moved by a snow plow.

Where is serial number on simple human trash can?

Most serial numbers are located on the bottom or the back of the product and start with a letter followed by a series of numbers. Registering your product allows us to help you quicker.

What is recyclable Calgary?

According to the City of Calgary, you can put these items in your blue bin:

  • Paper and cardboard.
  • Plastic jugs and bottles.
  • Bags, packaging and food containers.
  • Food cans and foil.
  • Glass jars and bottles.

What can I put in my blue recycling bin in California?

All aluminum, tin, metal, and bi-metal cans, wiped out if possible, including:

  • Soda cans.
  • Juice cans.
  • Soup cans.
  • Vegetables cans.
  • Pet food cans.
  • Pie tins.
  • Clean aluminum foil.
  • Empty paint and aerosol cans.
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